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    PLC Description

    PLC (Power Line Communication) utilizes the power line, which targets for current transmission as the communication carrier. It is a communication method of utilizing the low-power distribution lines for transmitting data.


    The V6306 is a Narrowband Power Line Communication (PLC) Processor chip. The V6306 integrates a 32-bit MCU and a 32-bit DSP, two UART interfaces, one SPI Master controller, one SPI Slave interface, one I2C Master interface, PLC MAC/PHY layer functions and Analog-Front-End (AFE). Together with Vango’s high current drive Line Driver chip (V6000), it forms a complete modem solution to support all known Narrowband PLC Standards. The V6306 PLC processor chip dedicated for the narrowband power line communication meets the requirements for AMI network in Smart Grid installations.

    · Supporting narrowband PLC (OFDM) standard G3-PLC.
    · With high linearity and high current drive line driver(V6000) having integrated receive functions, it offers the lowest BOM cost for G3 standards.
    · Support Frequency band: CENELEC, FCC (up to 2MHz).
    · Supporting modulations: selectable differential and coherent DBPSK/BPSK, DQPSK/QPSK, D8PSK/8PSK.
    · Supporting IPv6 networking layer.
    · Supporting G3-PLC compliant 6LoWPAN adaptation layer with optimized network formation and mesh routing function.
    · Supporting HW AES-128.
    · Two UART interfaces (UART0 and UART1). UART1 is High-Speed UART which supports up to 500Kbps baud rate, UART0 supports up to 115200 bps baud rate.
    · One SPI Master with 2 chips select. It can be used to control wireless transceiver, metering or other SPI devices.
    · One SPI Slave interface for alternative data interface with Master Processor Chip.
    · One I2C Master interface to control other I2C devices.
    · Flash memory size: 2M bytes
    · SRAM memory size: 128k bytes
    · Support In-System Programming (ISP) of Flash memory via UART0 or SPI Slave interface.
    · Up to 32 programmable GPIOs for maximal flexibility.
    · 3.3V digital I/O. UART pins are 5V tolerant.
    · Integrated LDO (3.3V to 1.2V) 
    · Package: 68L-pin QFN
    · Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85°C


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