Vango releases broadband PLC chipset engineered specifically for smart grid IoT and backward compatible with narrowband PLC standards-PLC
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    Vango releases broadband PLC chipset engineered specifically for smart grid IoT and backward compatible with narrowband PLC standards


    After achieve G3-PLC Alliance certification, Vango today releases the broadband PLC solution engineered specifically for smart grid IoT and backward compatible with narrow-band PLC standards (G3, Prime, etc.)


    While the G3-PLC solution serves its purpose for its targeted applications such as advanced metering infrastructure, there is need for higher speed connectivity as more devices are connected. The microgrid and distributed renewable energy generation also call for higher speed communication in order to manage the energy network timely. However, most known broadband PLC solutions on the market were originated from in-home applications (Homeplug AV/AV2, DS2 or that were designed for in-house short distance high volume data communication, while some of them (like HomePlug Green PHY) are used for in-home/in-building smart grid connectivity where loops are relatively short.


    For smart grid IoT applications, the data packets are usually small, not needing to maintain a communication channel between devices as in conventional communications. Vango’s proprietary broadband PLC solution is based on the specificity of IoT data packet and it was engineered for both in-home and out-home smart grid and IoT applications where network robustness and fast exchange of data packets are the key driving forces, and a mix of short and very long loops is common.



    Specifically, with the OFDM based modulation, it supports a configurable bandwidth up to 8 MHz to allow more flexibility than typical narrow-band PLC solutions to avoid strong colored noise in low frequency bands (typically below 500 kHz) that is common in certain communication environments and regions. It has another inherent merit of flexible operating bands and tone mask allocations to meet different regional regulation and requirement.


    This broadband solution is equipped with a configurable Reed-Solomon code unit with error correction capability, plus an interleaving block and a flexible convolutional code encoder. To secure transmitted data which is essential in IoT applications, a hardware-based AES-128 module is also built-in. With multiple high speed interfaces and an embedded flash, it can be used for different IoT applications.



    Another important feature in Vango’s broadband PLC solution, different from current HomePlug Green Phy based solutions, is that any layer above the PHY can be configured to be G3-PLC Alliance standard compliant through firmware/software uploading for backward compatibility consideration. Besides supporting G3, it can also support other known narrow band PLC solutions (both OFDM based and single-carrier based). Solution providers can thus perform seamless system upgrade for their end customers.



    Furthermore, when paired with Vango’s proprietary high driving and highly integrated line driver (V6002), this newly released broadband PLC solution can handle heavy loading power line communication encountered in certain extreme cases with minimum external components because of smart detection/protection mechanisms implemented in this state of art line driver.




    Wideband PLC baseband processor with integrated Analog Front-End

    Companion with high-linearity and high-current drive line driver (V6002) with integrated receive functions, offering the lowest BOM and reliable performance for wideband applications.

    Supporting operational frequency OFDM bandwidth from 9 KHz up to 8 MHz

    Supporting a burst packet data rate up to 8 Mbps

    Supporting a data rate up to 2 Mbps

    Supporting modulations: Selectable differential and coherent BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, and coherent 16QAM

    Supporting IPv6 networking layer and G3-PLC compliant 6LoWPAN adaptation layer with optimized network formation and mesh routing function

    Compliant with DL/T 645-2007 and Q/GDW 1376.2-2013

    Supporting HW AES-128


    V6302P: 80-pin T/LQFP

    V6302N: 68-pin QFN

    Operating temperature: -40 °C ~ +85 °C

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